The Midsummer

OCT 19-21 / 8PM
Velocity 1621 12th Ave
$20 ($25 at door) / $17 MVP Member / $15 under 25 (w/ ID) / $50 Patron

THE MIDSUMMER is a storytelling piece based on the four lovers and puck from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The episode explores the emotional and psychological development that could have transpired had each character been left uninhibited and completely open to self-indulgence.  The main focus of the work is on the involvement of the audience in an emotional and relatable experience through the art of dance storytelling.

It will leave you wondering: was it all just a dream?


BETH TERWILLEGER is a local choreographer, creating and producing dance works in Seattle, Washington through her company, The Gray. Beth has spent her career in the dance world working primarily in Austin, TX with Ballet Austin and freelancing in both San Francisco and London. She has developed, produced, and directed accessible art performances in both Austin and London and hopes to continue to grow her work and research in Seattle with the creation of her company, The Gray. Beth’s choreographic passions lie in the creation of emotional storytelling pieces and in-depth character development with the focus on connecting and speaking with the audience.

THE GRAY gains inspiration from the desire to cultivate empathy through art. Beth is inspired by minds that are different from hers and wants to find ways to connect with others through the dance medium.  The Gray is a research company with the mission to experiment with the audience experience in order to develop a new relationship between the public and dance. The goal is to always play, learn, and evolve.