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Velocity offers movement artists beautiful, clean, and low cost rehearsal and performance space.

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To book space before 9AM or after 9PM contact the Operations Manager: operations@velocitydancecenter.org.

FOR CLASS + WORKSHOP RENTALS // To teach at Velocity, you have two options:

Option 1: If you want to have a one or two session workshop or masterclass, you can always rent a Velocity studio, and run your workshop or masterclass independently. To teach this way, please contact Shirley Wong at operations@velocitydancecenter.org

Option 2*: If you’d like to be part of Velocity’s training programming, either by offering an ongoing class, or teaching a masterclass, workshop, or CI Fundamentals or Creative Process Series, you should contact our Executive Director Catherine Nueva España.

*As of July 17, 2019, we are revising our policies and contracts for ongoing classes, and so are not accepting new teaching requests at this time. Please check back in in mid-August to learn more about our updated policies and procedures!

FOR THEATRE RENTALS + ALL OTHER TYPES OF STUDIO RENTALS // Performances, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Weddings or any other Special EventsPhoto + Video Shoots, Film Screenings, Meetings, Parties // Contact the Operations Manager: operations@velocitydancecenter.org.

FLOOR RENTALS //  We have Marley (Grey and Black) and sprung hardwood dance floors available for rent.
Contact operations@velocitydancecenter.org for more information and rates.


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  • Founders Studio: 40′ x 60′, 2,400 sq. ft., hardwood floors, skylights + mirrors
  • Kawasaki Studio: 35′ x 35′, 1,225 sq. ft., mirrors, large windows, skylights + a sprung floor with marley
  • Steward Studio: 20′ x 40′, 800 sq. ft., mirrors, large windows + a sprung floor with marley


Steward Blue Ribbon.png20120706211725

Steward Studio // 20′ x 40′

Founders Studio

Founders Studio // 40′ x 60′

Kawasaki Studio // 35′ x 35′














  • Dance Artist Rehearsal: $11/hr / $10 MVP // Book Online Now >>
    Sign up online to become a Monthly Velocity Partner (MVP).
  • Anchor Tenant Space Grant Program: Subsidised space is given at $9/hr to accepted choreographers //  Choreographers will coordinate with Operations Manager Shirley Wong regarding information, availability and scheduling space // Contact Office + Operations Manager: operations@velocitydancecenter.org
  • Commercial/Corporate: Rehearsals + Auditions // Classes // Workshops + Intensives // Photo + Video Shoots: Rates range $35 – $150 per hour. Contact the Office + Operations Manager: operations@velocitydancecenter.org



  • All rentals must be approved and paid in advance. Payments are processed upon booking.
  • To move or reschedule your rehearsal, please do so online. To do this, you must book the same amount of time, in the same space as your original booking, on the new day that you prefer.
  • Teaching and accepting payments during your rental is prohibited, unless previous approval has been given by Velocity.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the building, and within 10 feet of the outside of the building.
  • Live music must be approved by management at the time of rental.
  • Pianos may not be moved, except with prior arrangement.
  • Studios should be equipped with CD players and iPod hook-ups, but we recommend bringing your own iPod cord as they often go missing.
  • The following items are not allowed at Velocity: Street shoes (please bring clean shoes with non-marking soles when needed), tap shoes and tap dancing, high heeled shoes, rosin, feathers or boas, glitter, fire.


Please contact us about specific accessibility needs at 206.325.8773 or operations@velocitydancecenter.org.