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If you have rental or production questions regarding Velocity’s Founders Theater please contact Operations Manager at operations@velocitydancecenter.org.

Basic Specs for Velocity’s Founders Theater

Floor width edge to edge: 37′ 11.3M
DS line to US cyc wall: 30′ 9.1M
Width of upstage wall: 37′ 11.3M
Openings at sides of upstage wall: 3′ .9M
Distance between upstage openings: 27′ 8.2M
Floor to ceiling: 15′ 4.6M
Floor to grid: 12′-6′ 3.8M
  • Tech booth is located center-stage upstairs, behind the house
  • Floor is wood and can be covered with either black or gray marley
  • SR side wall is white and can be covered with black velour runners or white muslin runners
  • SL side wall is exposed brick and can be covered with black velour runners or white muslin runners
  • Back wall has a large mirror on it and can be covered with either a black velour runner or a white muslin runner
  • US wall is flanked by standard size doors which allow access to Steward Studio crossover
  • House has a capacity of 100 seats when using risers + additional side and floor seating, Maximum capacity is 286.
  • Digital video projection options available

Velocity’s Founders Theater Downloads 

Other information not available for download may be requested by contacting Technical Director Evan Price at evan@velocitydancecenter.org.