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Next Fest NW is Velocity’s new works series celebrating what’s happening in contemporary dance, movement-based performance and dance cinema in the region. Next Fest NW was established to support new work and investigate different approaches to dance. Through Next Fest NW, Velocity aims to foster a robust community where artists have access to facilities, support and creative exchange. Proposals for installations, performances, live art and other formats welcome.

Each Next Fest NW presents four to seven artists or collaborative teams, selected through a curated application process, for three public performances. Next Fest NW artists are fully produced at Velocity; receive an artist fee and up to 20 hours of free studio time; and benefit from artistic, promotional, and technical support.

Applications for Next Fest 2019 will open SEPT 16 2019 at NOON and close OCT 7 2019 at 11:59PM. Check back SEPT 16 for information on this year’s prompt and curators!

Next Fest NW 2017: DISRUPTION

2017 Curators: Syniva Whitney, Babette DeLafayette, Kim Lusk, and Tonya Lockyer

2017 Performance Artists: Michael “Majinn” O’Neal Jr. and Angel “Moonyeka” Alviar, Taryn McGovern, Sarah Hogland, Alicia Mullikin, Sean Rosado, Seth Sexton, Alisa Popova, and Next writer-in-residence Jordan Macintosh-Hougham.


Disruption, people love to talk about it, but what does it really mean to be disruptive in these times? Recently an engineer asked me if we had the equivalent of “disruption” in dance. I described a 24-hour improvisation I performed while blindfolded and ear-plugged in response to the Iraq War. I described how contact improvisation changed dance. How even earlier than that Paul Taylor simply stood still on stage for four minutes and received a blank page as a review. More recently, Boris Charmatz took over MOMA with Musee de la Danse to protest the appropriation of dance by the art-industrial-complex. We live in a time of political disruption, or a deep yearning for it.  What alternative do you envision and want to manifest? What do you want to interrupt or change? Collaborations with artists and thinkers from all disciplines are welcome. –Tonya Lockyer, former Artistic Executive Director of Velocity Dance Center

Next Fest NW 2017 takes on the theme of an overused trope—disruption. What does it really mean to be disruptive in these times?  Next Fest NW is where dance disruptors from throughout the region elevate risk. Artists and thinkers from all disciplines interested in movement performance are encouraged to apply. Note: Next Dance Cinema is a separate application process.


Velocity presents Next Dance Cinema in partnership with Northwest Film Forum. Founded by Velocity in 2006, Next Dance Cinema offers dance lovers and film-lovers alike insight into how contemporary dance continues to expand the possibilities of the screen.

Next Dance Cinema accepts submissions from NW artists and filmmakers around the globe. Artists are invited to submit innovative works of screen dance that reflect the body in motion or dance-based performance. Next Dance Cinema is part of Next Fest NW, Velocity’s annual new works series celebrating what’s happening in contemporary dance performance and cinema. Selected works will be screened at Northwest Film Forum.

Video will be accepted in the following categories: staged work remade for the camera (not documentation), choreography created specifically for the camera, as well as the moving body articulated through animation and new media. All work must be no longer than 30 minutes in length. Next Dance Cinema artists benefit from the promotional, administrative and technical support of Velocity and Northwest Film Forum.


ndc_in-persistence-of-memoryPHOTO JUNIPER SHUEY

Velocity presented Next Dance Cinema 2017 in partnership with Northwest Film Forum.




Questions? Email Gedney Barclay, Communications Manager at communications@velocitydancecenter.org.