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Next Fest NW 2015 launches with Next Dance Cinema, a single night, double screening of local and inter/national dance cinema including films from throughout the Pacific Northwest, United States, The Netherlands, Jordan, and Brazil. Next Dance Cinema screens work by artists exploring the potential between dance and film, and offers audiences insight into the cutting-edge possibilities.

Curated by Tonya Lockyer, Jay Kuehner, Corrie Befort, with support from Dayna Hanson and KT Neihoff.
Velocity’s Next Dance Cinema is presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum.

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Plus, attend the Paul Taylor screening on FRI DEC 4, and hear an introduction by Velocity Artistic Director Tonya Lockyer! More info >>


The best short films in local and inter/national dance cinema.

★ Opposing Forces // Amy O’Neal

★ Plastic Eye Indian // Natasa Stamatari (2015, UK / Greece)
An experimental film inspired by Amazonian Tribes, exploring abstract movement/ritual affected by the structure of the costume.
“I ‘d rather not go to heaven or to hell, but fight here on earth to make our paradise here. Utopias cannot die.”
– Tashka, Chief of the Yawanawa


★ Resemblance // Claire Cunningham (2014, UK)
Assembling a crutch as a soldier assembles a gun, Claire Cunningham enacts a ritual that mirrors the act of creating a weapon of destruction, while actually creating an object of support.
(Produced by Artsadmin and Xenoki. Co-commissioned by Channel 4 and 14-18 NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.)


★ Sampled // Artemise Plogaerts (2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
A video-choreography of micro-movements confronting notion of body plasticity to physiological and biological identification.


12310 Ave E // CarliAnn Forthun (2014, Seattle, WA)
A joyful exploration of a mural and life away from the cell phone.
★ Boomerang // Emma Hreljanovic (Director) + Haley Watson (Cinematographer)  (2015, Seattle, WA)
Muscular and emotional tension builds in the body from traumatic memories. Identifying the triggers and physicalizing the stress can assist in subsiding the traumatic tension.

★ itsy bitsy
// Kusanagi Sisters (Juju Kusanagi + Lisa Kusanagi)  (2014, Seattle, WA)
According to the research, there are 9 different types of intelligence; naturalistic, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intra-personal, and spatial. The Kusanagi Sisters question whether other forms of intelligence exist. Watch the trailer >>

★ Three Perspectives
// Coleman Pester (2015, Seattle, WA)
A world of observing the body as architecture, utilizing the presence of an angular gigantic structure.

★ Waldean
// Jacob Rosen (2015, Seattle, WA)
Waldean is a story about the pursuit of perfection, the sacrifices we make to get there, and the journey we take to accepting ourselves for who we truly are.



More of the best short films in local and inter/national dance cinema.

★ DANCER // June Zandona (2015, Los Angeles, CA )
A lonely commuter meets someone who can finally help him with his most unusual sexual preoccupation.

★ CHOMP // Allison Burke (2015, Seattle, WA)
A body, the body, someone’s body against inauthentic sounds and edited proximities.

★ Lavender Farm // Sara Jinks (2015, Seattle, WA)
the place you land when you lose your shit/when your life unravels


Sagamihara // Corrie Befort (2013, Seattle, WA / Japan)
Dance-cinema or perhaps video-painting, this film was captured in the third year of an observation practice Befort conducted in the Sagamihara region of Kanagawa, Japan.

The Exit // Dylan Ward and Jim Kent (Sleep Nod) (2015, Seattle, WA)
Two men with the same idea but it turns out that they’re just not in sync.

★ Unforgettable // Colleen McNeary (2015, Seattle, WA)
Unforgettable is a short film about two women in a tumultuous relationship.


Splurge Land // Kate Wallich (2015, Seattle, WA)


★ Sarmad // Shireen Talhouni (2015, Amman, Jordan)
  A female dancer desires freedom, and travels to the desert to find it


★ How to become a Partisan // Alice Gosti (2015, Seattle, WA)
This short film is a hybrid between a documentary and a dance film. The historical footage, footage/sound accumulated during the research process, and the performance footage, are presented side by side to tell the stories of the invisible women who actively participated in the Italian Partisan Movement during WWII, whose stories we rarely know about or celebrate.


★ Waking the Green Sound: a dance film for the trees (2015, Portland, OR) // Wobbly Dance (Yulia Arakelyan, Erik Ferguson and Grant Miller)
A fantasy world where performers transform as they move through unique worlds. The creatures transition between fantastical, dreamlike and vibrant scenes.






Founded by Velocity in 2006, Next Dance Cinema is part of Velocity’s Next Fest NW 2015 which includes fierce new works by fresh voices in contemporary dance premiering December 11 + 12 +13 in Velocity’s Founders Theater.

Velocity’s presentation of Next Fest NW 2015: UTOPIA + Next Dance Cinema are made possible thanks to the generous support of 4 Culture, ArtsFund, The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, The Seattle Foundation, NEA Art Works, The Pruzan Foundation, The Glenn H Kawasaki Foundation, Pacific Continental Bank, and The Patricia and Marcus Meier Charitable Foundation.