DEC 5 / 7PM + 8:30PM
Northwest Film Forum 1515 12th Ave




Next Fest NW 2016 launches with Next Dance Cinema, a single night, double screening of local and inter/national dance cinema including films from throughout the Pacific Northwest + United States. Next Dance Cinema screens work by artists exploring the potential between dance and film, and offers audiences insight into the cutting-edge possibilities.

Curated by Tonya Lockyer and Jacob Rosen.
Velocity’s Next Dance Cinema is presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum.

The following film will be screened before + during Screenings 1 + 2:

Sketches of a Woman in Four Movements (2015, Istanbul, Turkey/London, UK)
A woman is depicted in four distinct sites in Turkey. Her internal and physical response is intimately observed as she navigates each landscape. The interplay between the four films reveal movement accumulation, shifting perspectives, a feeling of time travel.

Conceived & directed: Mary-Clare McKenna
Performer: Sebnem Yuksel
Editor: Ally Wingate – Saul
Sound Design: Jack Ashley


The best short films in local and inter/national dance cinema.

★ Pontchartrain // (2016, New Orleans, LA)
Experimenting with orientation, hand processing 16mm film, and staging a party in a threatened estuary, PONTCHARTRAIN is a brief, desaturated journey through dependency and displacement.

Angelle Hebert, Adam Sekuler + Shannon Stewart


Hide & Seek //  (2016, Seattle, WA)
Made possible by the V2 Dance/Film Residency, “Hide & Seek,” reflects the month I spent in the V2 loading dock. I got to know this old, empty, and temporary space as I sought out my own hidden motivations, frustrations, and dreams. Everything is temporary, and it’s always all at once. 

Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Allexa Laycock
Dancer: Tara Steed
Crew: Amy Peloff
Sound: “Cold Summer Landscape” -Blear Moon

★ Shared Space // (2016, Seattle, WA)
A film that explores the changing landscape (socially and physically) of Capitol Hill from the perspectives of artists of color, using volumetric data capture of dance and personal interviews. Thanks: Fausto Rivera, Tommy Yacoe, Andy Seaver, World Famous

Video: Champ Ensminger
Dance: Sarah Hogland
PA: Brian Hutson
Sound: Chris Lehrer

could // (2016, Seattle, WA)
solitary contemplation in a stark white room; with music: “could” by Elderbrook

Shot + Edited: Lindsay Martin
Choreography + Performance: ilvs strauss
Music: “Could” by Elderbrook


★ the ninety9 // (2016, Seattle, WA)
A film about the awakening and rise of the 99% of Americans as opposed to the top 1% wealthiest people in society.

Creation + Choreography: Annalen Traylor
Performance: Megan McCarthy and Raymond Ejiofor
Cinematography: Dane Wagner
Editing: Hannah Rutherford Beavers
Music: Puscifer

★ it can also be this //
(2016, Seattle, WA)
 Glimpses of experiences and perspectives shared between two people. This dance film is derived from a related duet created for the stage.

Choreography/Direction: Ella Mahler
Cinematography/Edit: Liz Houlton
Performance: Jenna Eady + Anna Krupp
Sound Design: Dustin Mahler

A Rendering // (2016, Seattle, WA)
Sound, space, and movement emerge as characters in a hypnotic, parallel universe that yields unusual psychological and physical states. This film was created with the support of Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and 4Culture.

LIMITS: Jason E Anderson + Corrie Befort
Shot & Edited: Adam Diller

a feminist revolt // (2016, Seattle, WA)
A short film of women overcoming social and societal oppressions. Developed in conjunction with the Washington Ensemble Theatre show, REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN.

Art Direction and Production: Leah Salcido Pfenning
Choreography: Alyza Delpan-Monley
Dancers: Alyssa Bostwick, Anna Kasabyan, Samie Spring Detzer, Ayo Tushinde

More of the best short films in local and inter/national dance cinema.

★ V2 Dance Film // (2016, Seattle, WA)

Director: June Zandona
Choreographer: Daniel Costa
Dancers: Daniel Costa + Alicia Pugh
Music: Travis Corwin
Gaffer/AC: Michelle Henley
Costumes: Green Eileen

★ 10TH AND PIKE // (2016, Seattle, WA)
A short film featuring Will Courtney and Syniva Whitney of GENDER TENDER engaged in a performative experience they call “The Renovation” in a studio space in Seattle well known to some, unknown to most.

Choreographer, Editor, Director: Syniva Whitney
Performers: Will Courtney +  Syniva Whitney
Music: Ariskany Records

★ Echo //  (2016, Seattle, WA)
In the inner space between ferocity and vulnerability, an individual finds herself in a repeating search for a new reality.

Director/Choreographer/Editor: Renee Boehlke
Dancer: Miranda Chantelois
Costume Designer: LaraAnn Sabih
Music: Jason McCauley
Assistant Choreographer: Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo
Production Assistants: Aspen Hildebrand, Margaret Johnson


★ Here’s What Happened // (2016, Bellingham, WA)
Filmed on location at the former St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham, WA and combining live-action dance with stop-action animation, the film explores themes of connection, history, transformation, and mystery. The space itself became an active collaborator in the making of the film and was given equal voice, contributing visual context, sound, and story. “Here’s What Happened” was supported by a Grant from Artist Trust.

Film: Sarah Schermer + Jenna Bean Veatch
Editing + Stop-Action Animation: Jenna Bean Veatch
Puppets: Sarah Schermer
Choreography: Sarah Schermer & Jenna Bean Veatch
Music: written by Sarah Schermer, Jenna Bean Veatch, and The Space, recorded by Richard Scholtz, and performed by Sarah Schermer, Jenna Bean Veatch, Coty Hogue, and The Space

★ FLOATING // (2016, Seattle, WA)
Floating takes us inside a mysterious world inhabited by a pair of twin dancers that exists outside of space and time. 

Director: Brett Love
Choreographer: Emily Durand
Dancer: Emily Durand
Editor: Brett Love + Emily Durand
Music: Chris Haigh
Wardrobe: Pamala Mijatov + Emily Durand
Special Thanks: Lauren Hlubny
Producers: Erin Boyt, Emily Durand, Larry McConnell + Brett Love

★ Trapped //  (2016, Seattle, WA)
A film that acts as both a dance film and music video for Amos Miller’s album, SuperSquare.

Choreography: Alicia Mullikin
Music: Amos Miller
Director: Ryan Hills
Dancers: Cheryl Delostrinos, Samuel Picart, Fausto Rivera Contreras, Alicia Mullikin

★ Voluntary Caesura (2016, Seattle, WA)
A woman in the fog of depression struggles to communicate. When she and a musician practice their art forms together, a catalyst from another time appears through the isolation. Is it the potential for connection or an omen?

Directed by: Christin Call
Director of Photography: Cainan Martens
Produced by: Coriolis Dance


★ Bodies and Space and Place and Home (2015, Los Angeles, CA)
The beginning seed of a larger series dissecting the relationship of relationships in space and bodies in their homes. This piece is meant to be anything for its viewers, to get whatever they need out of it.

Director / Producer / Editor: Sarah C Prinz
Dancers: Daniel J Rosenberg + Jordan Saenz


New Dimensions in New Dance Cinema

Megan Stevenson, Seattle Dances, December 27, 2016


Founded by Velocity in 2006, Next Dance Cinema is part of Velocity’s Next Fest NW 2016: pastFORWARD which includes fierce new works by fresh voices in contemporary dance premiering December 9-11 in Velocity’s Founders Theater.