// Next Dance Cinema 2017 //

DEC 4, 2017 / 7PM + 8:30PM
Velocity at Northwest Film Forum 1515 12th Ave
$10 (one screening) / $15 (both screenings)


Velocity presents Next Dance Cinema in partnership with Northwest Film Forum. Founded by Velocity in 2006, Next Dance Cinema offers dance lovers and film-lovers alike insight into how contemporary dance continues to expand the possibilities of the screen.


Congratulations to the filmmakers who worked on these Audience Award-winning films! Next Dance Cinema Audience Award winners receive receive a one-year membership in Velocity’s MVP (Monthly Velocity Partner) program, and 10 hours of Creative Residency space at Velocity.



To highlight the legacy of Dance Cinema in Seattle, each screening feature a celebrated short by filmmaker/choreographer KT Niehoff collaboration with award-winning cinematographer Ben Kasulke.

ndc_breathe-just-breatheBreathe, Just Breathe
(US, 2017, 3 min.)

A search for the truth told through dance as three characters navigate darkness, confusion, and internal struggle.

Directors: Carrie Robinson, Cheryl Ediss
Cinematographer: Carrie Robinson
Composer: Jason Staczek
Costumes: Molly Sides, Cheryl Ediss
Editor: Chris Ophoven
Movement Director: Molly Sides
Producers: Cheryl Ediss, Carrie Robinson
Cast: Molly Sides, Calie Swedberg, Matt Drews


(US, 2017, 15 min.)

A strong female blends, twists, and contorts within the chest of her dead lover.

Choreographers: Lavinia Vago, Gil Bar-Sela
Artistic Director: Seth Sexton
Director of Photography: Michilu Gargiulo
Music: Nathan Sexton




ndc_everyone-is-transEVERYONE IS TRANS
(US, 2017, 2 min.)

Time travel is possible, but there’s a catch.

Director: Syniva Whitney
Editor: Syniva Whitney
Music: Syniva Whitney
Cast: Will Courtney, Syniva Whitney





ndc_gardener-springthe Gardener – spring
(Norway, 2017, 3 min.)
World Premiere

the Gardener – spring is a stop-motion Butoh dance film that awakens the dead spirits, which can never be a “smooth” process…

Director + Editor: Karolina Bieszczad-Stie
Music: Circus Marcus
Cast: Joan Laage




ndc-persistenceIn Persistence Of Memory
(US, 2017, 6 min.)
World Premiere

A short dance film adapted from an evening-length, outdoor dance performance by Melissa Riker/Kinesis Project dance theatre.

Conceptor + Choreographer: Melissa Riker
Cinematographers: Ezra J. Robinson, David Wilson (freeweatherfilms), Juniper Shuey (zoe|juniper)
Editor: Ezra Robinson
Costumes: Asa Brown Thornton
Extended Costume Design: Designed and Hand Cut by by Celeste Cooning/Celeste Cooning Studios
Executive Producer: John C. Robinson
Sound: Ellen Maynard
Cast: Lorraine Lau, Hendri Walujo, Brittani Karhoff, Kimberly Holloway, Lucie Baker

ndc_in-there-waIn     , there was     .
(US, 2017, 12 min.)
World Premiere 

In     , there was     . explores the power of unconscious paradox and glances at the symbiosis of love and hate when moral instincts confront social values and the calming chaos that results.

Choreographer: Sarah C Prinz
Director: Sarah C Prinz
Assistant Director: Amir Rappaport
Cinematographer + Colorist: William Christensen
Costumes + Production Design: Sarah C Prinz
Editor: Sarah C Prinz
Music: Jonathan Snipes
Producer: Sarah C Prinz
Sound Design + Music Editor: Katie Jost
Cast: Stephanie Zaletel, Rebecah Goldstone, Gary Reagan, Ania Catherine

(US, 2017, 3 min.)
World Premiere 

Mares take us inside the strange world of the mysterious creatures that bring the nightmares to us while we sleep.

Choreographer: Emily Durand
Director: Emily Durand
Cinematographer: Tim Summers
Editors: Brett Love, Emily Durand
Set Design: Eddie DeHais
Sound Design: D.R. Amromin
Cast: Anja Kellner-Rogers, Corina Dalzell, Erin Nichole Boyt


(US, 2017, 2 min.) 

Oscillate challenges the claim of space and development of Seattle. No matter how many bulldozers and cranes, the shape of Capitol Hill by its different groups, subcultures, art, and social movement cannot be erased.

Choreographer: Daniel Costa
Cinematographer: June Zandona
Camera Assistant: Michelle Henley
Editor: June Zandona
Music: Devin Bews
Cast: Alicia Pugh, Daniel Costa


Personal Heroic
(US, 2016, 3 min.)

This film explores the sublimity and intricacies of natural movement.

Director: Kate O’Day
Cinematographer: Kate O’Day
Editor: Kate O’Day
Sound: Troy Schiefelbein, Nicholas Mackelprang
Cast: Nicholas Mackelprang

ndc_scorpio3333(scorpio) 33/33
(US, 2016 12 min.)
World Premiere 

scorpio (33/33) is a collection of whimsical, experimental videos shot within the first 33 days of the director’s 33rd year.

Director: Allie Hankins
Editor: Allie Hankins
Music: Caretaker, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Clara Rockmore, Henry Mancini, Delia Derbyshire, Eliane Radigue
Cast: Allie Hankins



ndc_sonnet-deux-aughtsSonnet Of Deux Aughts
(US, 2016, 5 min.)

A visual sonnet double in which the wall between past and present has been demolished and loss as a possession must be redefined.

Director: Christin Call/Coriolis Dance
Cinematographer: Cainan Martens
Writer: Christin Call
Cast: Elby Brosch, Kaitlin McCarthy, Mariko Nagashima, Alana O Rogers, Alexander Pham, Lara Seefeldt, Hannah Simmons, Cait Wyler




(US, 2017, 7 min.)
World Premiere

As a solo dancer explores her literal and imagined surroundings, she wrestles with how her sense of identity relates to place.

Choreographers: Jocelyn Perez, Sarah Wilcoxon
Directors: Quinn Orear, Sarah Wilcoxon
Music: Matthew DelCiampo




ndc_slack-jawSlack Jaw
(US, 2017, 4 min.)

A movement film to the sounds of the awe-inspiring Amelia Meath.

Choreographer + Editor: Emma Portner
Cast: Ellen Page, Emma Portner
Cinematographer: Saskia Kivilo






ndc-winterfeldplatzWinterfeldplatz and elsewhere
(Germany, 2016, 10 min.)
US Premiere

Dream worlds collide when two sleepwalkers meet.

Choreographers: Francesca Frewer, Hector Palacios
Cinematographer: Daniel O’Shea
Editor: Daniel O’Shea
Producer: Festival Of Recorded Movement
Sound: Daniel O’Shea
Cast: Francesca Frewer, Hector Palacios




Next Dance Cinema accepts submissions from NW artists and filmmakers around the globe. Artists are invited to submit innovative works of screen dance that reflect the body in motion or dance-based performance. Next Dance Cinema is part of Next Fest NW, Velocity’s annual new works series celebrating what’s happening in contemporary dance performance and cinema. Selected works will be screened at Northwest Film Forum.


Velocity presents Next Dance Cinema 2017 in partnership with Northwest Film Forum.