// SFDI 2016 JAMS //



What is a Jam?
 Improvisation Jams are leaderless practice environments in which dancers practice improvisation with whoever gathers—friends or strangers, old, young, experienced, novice. They are environments in which to explore, experience, and enjoy the dance form of Improvisation. Everyone is welcome regardless of Improvisation experience. For more info, you can refer to these great Jam Guidelines from Sharing Weight in Boulder, CO.

How do SFDI Jams work? Velocity has three studios: Founders, Kawasaki, and Steward.

  1. Founders Studio: Contact Improv focused space (emphasizing quiet)
  2. Kawasaki Studio: Open Space (for whatever happens)
  3. Steward Studio: Silent room

SFDI Jams are hosted by rotating SFDI faculty. The faculty are offering warm-ups, opening circles, music choices, scores, or are simply being present and available in the space. Check below to see which faculty, which night, which room, and a hint of what might be going on.



Founders: Aaron Swartzman and Alia Swersky // Focused Jam
Kawasaki: Open SpaceTUESDAY / 7-11PM
Founders: Doug Mackenzie // BMC warm-up and live music
Kawasaki: luciana achugar // We will connect to our central desire to move and to the primal and basic, but profound desire to dance to and with music.WEDNESDAY / 8:30PM-12AM
Founders: Darrell Jones and DJ
Kawasaki: Cathie Caraker // Quiet jam following warm-up

THURSDAY / 10-11:30PM
Founders: Shel Wagner // Focused CI Jam
Kawasaki: Krista DeNio //Interdisciplinary Jam: Bring your forms, styles, improvisational scores, ideas and notebooks! Compositional scores encouraging intersection.

Founders: Focused CI jam
Kawasaki: Melanie Noel // Language to animate context and environment
V2: Underscore // New to the Underscore? Come to the talk-through on Thursday, 4-5pm in Founders)

SATURDAY / 9:30-11PM
Founders: Stephanie Nugent // Live music
Kawasaki: HIJACK // Simple scores to integrate watching and dancing.

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